La nostra Terra, la nostra forza

Weather and Territory

Bari welcomes you immediately by showing you all the warmth of a unique land. Its Mediterranean climate: cool, pleasant, mild all year round, it is characterized by a light sea breeze that from the Adriatic fills with energy and well-being. Bari is one of those places that make you feel good, always and anyway. At any time of the year it is the ideal destination for any type of event.

The land of Bari is mainly characterized by the presence of the sea, but not only. From north to south it is dotted with rocky shells, expanses of golden sand, coves and cliffs overlooking the crystal clear sea. Inland, the territory shows a panorama with wonderful color effects. Between dry stone walls, olive groves and vineyards stands the Valle d’Itria, shrouded in a magical and almost fairytale atmosphere. The countryside is scattered by typical buildings such as the Murgia dei trulli, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.