La nostra Terra, la nostra forza

Tradition and Folklore

Choosing Bari as a destination for your event means having the opportunity to experience it entirely in all its aspects. A land linked to traditions that sees the past as a resource for the future, able to offer, cultural, artistic, gastronomic and folkloric experiences.

Going to the Theatre

Petruzzelli Theatre is the place par excellence of culture. Opera, ballet, concerts and guided tours. An elegant structure with a welcoming atmosphere, a stage ready for any form of entertainment. An unforgettable experience.

Underground Bari

An urban journey into the archaeological underground of Bari. An exciting experience among places witnesses of the past that tell the history of the city from its deepest roots.

The popular fish market

A typical place in the city to buy great fresh fish. An experience to live in the company of the friendly local fishermen. Every morning, behind the Margherita theatre, you will get in touch with genuine people and you can witness the characteristic beating of the octopus.

The cult of San Nicola

A magical atmosphere envelops the city to celebrate the religious worship of its protector. Between tradition and folklore, myths and legends, on May 8 Bari becomes the scene of a fascinating and mysterious religious celebration. A caravel that comes from the sea, a historical procession to the majestic Basilica, an ancient bond that binds this city and its inhabitants to the "Holy come from the sea".